The online manual is what I follow, it is pretty good: Acura Legend Online Service Manual (Pages: 0059-0073, current: 0061),, :: Acura Legend Forum :: Acura RL Forum, Currently Active Users Viewing This Thread: 1. This enables usage of the C32 fuel rails and fuel rail covers for a stealth install and easier parts interchange. Copy this code and paste it in your post on the forum to create a link to this page. Belts - Alternator, Power Steering and A/C, Crankshaft, Rear Cover (rear main housing) and o-ring, Intermediate Shaft & Bearing - Shaft that goes through oil pan for driver's side axle to differential, Starter - slightly different design but 100% interchangeable, Sensor, Cam Position - '93-'95 Legend identical; '91-'92 must use Legend sensor or splice connectors. When the C32 bracket is used the taller deck height prevents one of the bolts from lining up properly. The downward facing TPS sensor on Non-TCS and Type I C32's interferes with the upper timing covers of the C35. its virtually impossible. This page has been accessed 21,447 times. This page has been accessed 50,455 times. Required and optional tools for this engine swap. The shaft spins out of sequence with the crank and requires a special method to time it properly. Fuel Injector - C35 uses saturated injectors (12-14ohms) versus the C32's peak and hold type (1-2 ohms). This video is unavailable. and dont tell me it cant be done. Intake Air Temperature sensor was relocated from the front (in C32) to the rear (in C35) of the manifold, Fast Idle Valve was relocated from the rear of the intake manifold (in C32) to the top of the throttle body base (in C35). Uses a different shaped o-ring gasket. The Type II used a 1mm larger intake valve. Compatible with Legend intake. Sunbeam Tiger Engine Swap Project ... Acura Legend LS Brandan Gillogly. Required and optional tools for this engine swap. Valve covers - Different design. Since the combustion chamber size (in the head) is the same, and the stroke increased, dished pistons are used to maintain the same compression ratio of 9.6:1. Timing Covers - Upper and lower covers are different. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. At idle, the 3.5's engine computer activated a fluid bypass solenoid for increased damping and a smoother idle. At the rear of the block, one of the mounting ears was extended in a semi-circle to clear the balance weights. The 3.5 uses a thinner timing belt to make room for the balance shaft and also for quieter running. When using the C35 intake, it is recommended to use the C35 throttle body: it is redesigned with internally different ports and the EVAP vacuum nipple is facing the wrong way. I am wondering if anyone has explored using a 2nd gen Acura Legend drivetrain in an air cooled VW. The Coupe was designed to be the sporty alternative to the standard Legend luxury sedan, boasting bigger brakes, unique suspension tuning, and aluminum 16-inch, five-spoke wheels. The 3.5 continues to use hydraulic lifters in the rocker arm assembly. So, after 2 unsuccessful attempts to get other mechanics to finish the job one already started, I've decided to finish this engine swap myself. Different physical electrical connectors. On the Legend setup the axle centerline is in the middle of the oil pan, 10 inches behind the front pulley. The intake and exhaust valves are the same size and part number as used in the Type I Legend. The higher overlap cam found in the type II permits better breathing at high RPM sacrificing low end torque production. Balance Shaft - A balance shaft was added to the passenger side of the block.

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