Your loyal son, Lu Ten.”, The voice actor named Mako sang this, but he died then they had this episode be in honor of him. Cut to a close up shot of Aang's eyes, shining with adoration, that pans slowly right. Katara: (voice-over) But one day the man didn't come. Chong: That is correct, Master Arrowhead. (Cut to a close of Sokka. Sokka himself approaches from the left side of the screen.) Air. Aang looks over his shoulder at Chong with an uncertain expression.) Secret tunnel! Chong: Actually, it's not just one tunnel. Sokka: What exactly is this curse? (He walks off, Iroh in tow. Cut to a wider shot as the door swings open to reveal the three. Katara: And here it says 'love is brightest in the dark' and... (she turns to face him, but doesn't yet meet his eyes) has a picture of them kissing. (Everyone enjoys the song except Sokka, who looks miserable. starts and ends within the same node. Chong: (calmly) Yeah, it's no use. (Sokka turns to face the others in a pose of horror, his hands holding the sides of his head.) Katara: Sokka! (Zuko looks away as the camera cuts back to the tunnel.) The badger mole disappears, replaced by a shot of the man and woman, backs to each other, creating tunnels through earthbending. Cut to Appa in mid flight, fireballs closing in around him. It is highly stylized and looks as if it were from Japanese panel art. On it stands the man in blue, gazing longingly at the woman in red. Aang: (surprised) Us, kissing? Zuko: Earth Kingdom it is. As the images unfold, Katara narrates from o.c.) When the tunnels are darkest that's when you need a clown, hey! Several tanks pull to a stop in front of the cave entrance. This fades, replaced by a close up image of their hands touching. Chong: Hey-hey, we're here! Cut back to Aang, Katara and Appa in front of the statue.) Water. The camera pans down and stops as Zuko enters the frame from the right. When the pan comes to stop, Aang and Katara stand beside each other, one hand each on the burnt out torch. The lovers didn't want anyone to find out about their love, so they built a whole labyrinth. An annotation cannot contain another annotation. It's too dangerous. Song: Oh. You need to thank these nice people. It is still daytime. Katara: (teasingly) What, like you're ready to go right now, naked guy? Cut to a wide, overhead shot as everyone waves the badger moles goodbye. (She turns away from Aang, who himself turns to face the camera.) (Cut to a close up shot of Aang and Katara facing each other, their hands laced together.) Chong: Oh, it's a real legend. Fire. Sokka speaks from o.c.) The simple string music from the Omashu story begins to play softly in the background. Chong: I'm Chong, and this is my wife Lily. Behind them another explosion of rock reveals another badger mole. Chong: (stops playing) Well, not everywhere, Little Arrowhead. As the roof collapses Aang sends a blast of air to get Chong, Sokka and the others out the falling debris' way. Appa lumbers forward and begins to make noises. In the background, Katara too has dispensed with her normal blue garb. When the dust settles, Aang, Katara and Appa are separated from Sokka and Chong's party. (Aang turns to look at Katara. Chong appears over his shoulder.) Come on guys, help me out. Katara: (skeptically) Is this real or a legend? She'll leave you broke and broken hearted... This song is also a tribute to Mako Iwamatsu, the voice actor for Iroh, who died having nearly completed recording his lines for season two. Listen. It was a crazy idea. Aang: So, are you guys gonna come to Omashu with us? (excitedly) But look what I found! A rotund fellow behind him wears a white and pink robe, a coolie hat and plays a drum. (strums a chord on his guitar and sings low and dramatically) And die! (Cut to a shot of Aang's feet in the water. We're separated. Katara: This isn't the exit. Both look up at the crystals in wonder. Sokka's eye steal over to the singer before the shot cuts a wide shot of Aang addressing the rest of Chong's troupe.) (Leaning over at him in anger) Sorry I suggested it! They just put out their lights and followed the crystals. Cut to a close up of Zuko's shocked face. (They look at each other and nod in agreement.) Cut to Sokka and the others on the opposite side of the cave in. Cut to an interior shot where Zuko, Iroh and Song are seated at a knee high, Asian styled table. Song: (kindly) Can I join you? But where we haven't been we've heard about through stories and songs. A group of travelers dressed in colorful mix of Asian and Polynesian styles walk by playing instruments and singing. Whoops! (Iroh and Zuko walk off the screen to the right as the show cuts to a wide of Appa, the kids and Chong's group walking along a wide street lined with what look like the ruins of temples.) Let's go. Chong: I'm sure we'll figure it out. Zuko: (quietly, but intensely) I know. (Fade to a shot of the city of Omashu. Sokka and Momo ride atop one of these fierce creatures. The third, Sokka, rides lazily in a boat made of an enormous leaf.) They lean in to each other as the torch falters and goes out. They are gone in an instant, flying down the tunnel.) Song: So where are you traveling from? / It get wicked when I'm walking with it (Lil' bitch) / It get wicked when I'm walking with it (Yeah come) / I don't aim 'cause the Glock hold 50 (Goddamn) / I don Otherwise you'll be trapped in them forever. (The group makes its way slowly into the tunnel, Appa groaning in protest, but still following. Momo raises his head, his head and ears filling most of the screen and blocking Sokka as music and singing is heard from off camera. (Katara, whose hair is being braided by Lily, looks crossly up at Sokka at this) We need to get to Omashu. In season two of Avatar: The Last Airbender, Iroh sings in memory of his son, Lu Ten, who was killed during the Siege of Ba Sing Se. This fades and is replaced by a shot of another painting from the side of the dais. Behind them in the distance a shaft of smoke curls towards the heavens. also it’s a beautiful episode that is all about fatherhood because uncle iroh first helps a little bit then a then a teen and then a young man. She holds the branch or a red leafed tree in her hand. Katara: I was thinking... the curse says we'll be trapped in here forever unless we trust in love. Abrupt cut to a shot of a Fire Nation Commander in front of two long lines of Fire Nation catapults. Iroh: (patting his stomach) Much practice. Katara: (voice-over) The villages were enemies so they could not be together. Can you imagine that? The camera pans over to Katara hugging her brother. Katara: I have a crazy idea. We're all thinking of ideas! Iroh: Where do you live, exactly? (Iroh turns around to reveal his red, swollen face which he is scratching) And it wasn't. Is he fighting in the war? Gun Lyrics: You give a boy a gun / You hope he won't be long / You tell him to take aim... be strong / You gave it all / You give a boy a gun / That's how the story ends / Atrocities aside Sokka tries to burn it with the torch, but fails. Cut to a wider, side shot of them both. These people just showed you great kindness. Iroh: (sheepishly) Heh heh heh. Sokka: (cynically) Right. Act III The rest follow.) Aang: (totally clueless) Where are you going with this? (He lifts his hair to look at them and lets his arm drop lazily back into the water.) Off camera Chong begins to strum his guitar. Cut to Zuko and Iroh riding away on the ostrich, then cut to a close up of Song looking out from her front door. As the shot settles, a blank parchment appears in the middle of the screen, partially obscuring the city.) Song: (quickly) I know you don't think there's any hope left in the world, but there is hope. She wears the equivalent of a white two piece bathing suit. We need to find King Bumi so Aang can learn earthbending somewhere safe. Act II What was I thinking? (Cut to a wide, long shot of a huge, round stone door ahead of them. This song has two different versions, one released in December 2019 and the other in March 2020. The group stands in front of it. Iroh: But where are we going to go? Commander: Launch! She turns around to face him once again in a bending stance.) His audience, except Sokka, claps enthusiastically.) Sokka: (in exasperation) Curse! We let huge ferocious beasts lead our way.

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