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Mako: Why is everyone looking at me like that? On top of that, no Heel Face Turn happens. Bolin, having been saved by Desna and Eska, fought against alongside the twins and Team Avatar in an attempt to stop dark spirits from reaching Korra inside the Tree of Time. [23] Asami offered them a place to stay, but after Hiroshi Sato was outed as an Equalist, both the bending brothers and Asami moved to live at Air Temple Island with Korra.[24]. In the end, perhaps the potential was there, but Aang on the job training and constant threats certainly could have interfered with the level of depth, meditation and focus he may have needed for such mastery ASSUMING he could learn more than one advanced subset ability AFTER he acquired energy-bending. Mako used lightning against the Dark Spirits in the season 2 finale. Mako and Bolin do have a surviving aunt or uncle. Making statements based on opinion; back them up with references or personal experience. Having warned Tenzin and being reinforced with a security detail from Zaofu, Team Avatar set course to the temple as well. [9] However, he managed to escape with Varrick, leaving the army to believe they were dead for a while,[10] and rejoined Team Avatar in Republic City to help them defeat Kuvira, while rebuilding his relationship with Opal. Alerting the rest of the team as well as the guards to the danger, Bolin and the others manage to surrounded the foursome, only for Ghazan to separate the groups with a pool of lava, leaving Bolin impressed with his lavabending skills. When Mako told him that he had a knack for getting into stupid situations, Bolin agreed and thanked his brother for saving him. him being diametrically opposed to earthbending), it seems like some of your other points. It just takes more effort (and/or skill) for them because earth has a MUCH higher melting point than ice. Hearing that Korra needed to get into the Spirit World in order to stop Unalaq from freeing Vaatu, Bolin readily joined Team Avatar on the mission. As the brothers collected bets for the match at a local pet shop, they found that a fire ferret was trying to escape. However, Toph seems confident he could do it, but the likeihood she'd be right, well, let's just dismiss that. Yeah? They not only have a living uncle, but an entire extended family, living in Ba Sing Se. Bolin happily reunited with Asami and Korra. Oh well, only time will tell. He also became romantically involved with Opal, though the long distance between them and his support of Kuvira put a strain on their relationship. A prime example of this would be when he rode in on Naga to Asami's rescue at the Equalist airfield, employing ferocious and brutal earthbending attacks on Hiroshi Sato, who was about to kill her with his mecha tank. It only takes a minute to sign up. Bolin (and perhaps Ghazan as well) may be an earthbender, but his laid-back, go-with-the-flow personality reveals the spirit of a waterbender. Maybe he felt that if he'd been there Korra would still be safe. According to Mako, Bolin apparently has a habit of bringing "crazy fangirls" to the Fire Ferrets' changing room. And the final nail: A photo of Mako & Bolin with their parents was at their grandmother's house in Ba Sing Se, and they look nothing like Yakone and his wife. Mako was able to save himself and Bolin from the Fire Bender by Firebending for the first time, but Amon thought they perished with their parents in the attack since he believed no one in the family could bend. At some point, if you're willing to dismiss Toph's (and therefore the writers') appraisal of Bolin's potential, you should ask why you're so unwilling to believe Bolin could possibly do something that has become as common as metal bending. Did this official picture of Rohan (Tenzin and Pema's son) appear in an episode? Realizing Korra and Kuvira were nowhere to be found, Bolin and the rest of Team Avatar set out to search the area for the Avatar. He quickly told Mako that he was not being fickle, and was simply taking a few days off. Bolin has also proven himself to be a good swimmer, capable of holding his breath for a significant period of time while simultaneously dodging Ghazan's lavabending attacks. Biden says he will  MANDATE wearing masks. [44][49] He can also get starstruck when in the presence of powerful or famous figures, such as Korra, Lord Zuko, and Toph. Bolin launched rocks at Hiroshi Sato's mecha tank. Bolin will reference Nuktuk in some way, shape, or form if he ever fights the real Unalaq. Give him some relationship advice. Their parents are shown in a photo in Book 3, and it's clearer than glass from that photo that they are not Bumi and Azula. but it doesn't happen until Book 4, and Varrick & Bolin were both unaware of Kuvira's true ambitions and actions. History [61] However, he lacks the firebender's confidence, which leaves him to often doubt his own abilities, needing to be reassured by others,[43][46] though throughout his travels in the Earth Kingdom, Bolin does develop a greater self-confidence. Quickly ambushing the Red Lotus sentries, the group released the airbenders from the chains in which they were held, and Bolin was excited to reunite with Opal. On the night of the final screening of The Adventures of Nuktuk: Hero of the South, Bolin went out to get some air and spotted a speedboat docked near the Pro-bending Arena. They came back the following day when Kuvira was demonstrating her new weapon, leaving the factory largely deserted. To learn more, see our tips on writing great answers. Like I say, probably, but why does this have to be framed in terms of whether it's possible or impossible? (OP Can't remember if Mako Lightning Bent at any time as a cop). He can also fire small chunks of earth in rapid succession to take down a speeding motorcycle, thus demonstrating the ability to earthbend without touching the ground at all. We learn from that season that only a small portion of earthbenders can bend metal, not all of them. Mako and Bolin are Sokka's and Suki's grandchildren. Billions of years ago, the earth was a volcanic waste land. Asami refused to let Kuvira out of confinement during the attack, and though Bolin managed to counter the Earth Empire soldiers with earthbending, he was overpowered and was kidnapped along with Asami, Mako and Kuvira. It is not clear if Aang ever had time or interest (or the ability to learn) metal-bending even if he wanted to. (he points at Mako, still sobbing hysterically), (Bolin just stares awkwardly for several seconds before running away, at which point Mako sighs and follows him). Bolin does not know that he and Mako are half-brothers or that San is Mako’s stepfather, and after keeping the secret for years, Mako is not about to give Bolin any indication otherwise. They were ultimately able to win the event by beating the White Falls Wolfbats in the finale.[39]. Perhaps they were pacifists? Agreeing that they needed to get away from there, Varrick and Zhu Li escaped via the hatch with Bolin close behind. Bolin was part of Guan's force leading the attack on her own airship. Overwhelming Ghazan, the criminal collapsed the entire cave, though Bolin managed to bend himself and Mako to safety. He grew up on the streets of Republic City under the protection of his older brother, Mako, after their parents were killed by a firebender. If you mean Eska, that is semi-confirmed, but it was an abusive relationship played for laughs, and although Bolin and Eska do ultimately part on good terms at the end of Book 2, he hooks up with Lin's niece, Opal, in Book 3. Mako said that they'd support her with helping Republic City, they end up in jail and she's been taken by Tarrlok. He professed his love for her, kissing her on the cheek, and resumed his fight, now with the twins backing him up. [16], Grateful for his rescue, Bolin decided to make a move on Korra and took her on a date, although the Avatar did not share his romantic feelings. He still has to try. Why is the one unlikelihood more worthy of your consideration than the (consspicuously opposed) other likelihood? As the battle continued, he used more traditional earthbending tactics, incorporating them into his lavabending. This would explain why Bolin can do it, and we don't know, and probably never will know, Ghazan's origins, it's entirely possible he's a mixed-race too. Along with Ghazan, Bolin is the only other known non-Avatar earthbender with the ability to lavabend. After a short conversation between the criminals and Toza, the pro-bender, having witnessed their skill, offered Mako and Bolin a home in the arena and to train them in pro-bending. Most benders get one and only one. Although Bolin discovered by accident that he had the rare ability to bend lava, he was able from the start to quickly stop an oncoming flow of the heated substance. Bolin arrested Two Toed Ping after the police broke up a triad turf war. Bingo. Because "Spiritually" throughout the series of the times before korra the times of Aang the avatar up until obviously toph learned metalbending metal was usually seen as "bad" and "monstrous" and was sort of apart of Aangs type of "depression" he felt when he saw the aftermath of the genocide of airbending and airbenders and to Aang "metal" was the "antithesis" of spiritualness a destructive force almost uncontrollable that is designed to obliterate anything in its way and the specific "trauma" of seeing the after effects of such a genocide caused by these "machines" is too hard to overcome and in a way if Aang truly mastered metalbending deep within his subconscious he would believe has has "become" apart of the killings which led to the downfall of all airbenders but after reincarnation "korra" though being a incarnation of the avatar is different to "Aang" and has "grown" up her life surrounded by "many" waterbenders that are still with her because ultimately every avatar has different life experiences which hinders or helps them in there quest to master all the elements.

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