Explain your answer.Â. TikTok has been getting a lot of attention over the past year — and not necessarily for good reasons. Created by our advertising software OpenX. Or, print the. Structure. For a more comprehensive search of every issue, please visit our, A few teachers are embracing social media app called TikTok as it lets students produce and share videos. © 2020. Decide which side of the debate you're on. And a report from the U.K. found that more than one in five British teens spend five hours or more per day on social media. When they talk about the videos they’re making, I feel left out. Conner (7th), Liam (7th), And Paul (6th) don’t like Tik Tok and do think it should be banned. Bullying is already a serious problem on social media. Apps such as Snapchat and Instagram pose as threats to students paying attention in class by adding extra disruptors. What do the authors agree about? Send it to a grandparent or another adoring fan. Anyone under the age of 18 must have approval of a parent or guardian -- but there are plenty of young tween users. That’s why it should have a place at Elmwood—just as it does at dozens of other schools around the country. To start, I suggest joining Facebook, Twitter and Instagram,” Alexander wrote. We're glad you're thinking about screen time. The company’s success in America was revolutionary for China, considering it was the first Chinese app to become the most downloaded in the U.S. (occurring in October 2018). Put a double star next to the writer’s rebuttal. Let’s face it, one of the most difficult part of engaging students – especially older ones – is the lack of connection with the teacher. The debate consists of two short editorials: one explains how TikTok can be a learning tool and why it should be allowed in school, and the other explains why TikTok should not be used in schools. Coming up with dances and skits will make me more creative. Students should quietly walk to the other side of the room if at any point during the debate they change their minds; be sure to ask any student who does this why he or she did so. TM ® & © 2020 Scholastic Inc. All Rights Reserved. Check out Storyworks At Home for our favorite stories and tools to kick off your year. book of kid-appropriate video ideas from DK. We should wait to see what the investigation reveals before our school starts using it. We appreciate your thinking about screen time, but two hours of TikTok every day is still way too much. At lunch, you will see girls and boys with Hydroflasks saying “sksksk” and “i oop” with scrunchies on their wrists. Want to hear this story read aloud? Click here! Technology often does that. Before digging into specific reasons why TikTok should or should not belong in school, a little history about TikTok as an app and a company as a whole. Here at North Shore Middle School, Tik Tok dances, VSCO girls, and Peppa Pigs are spreading like wildfire. This book of kid-appropriate video ideas from DK will inspire your students to use their creativity and hone their tech skills.     1. But does any of this mean that TikTok belongs at our school? It feeds creativity by encouraging kids to create. “TikTok does not remove content based on sensitivities related to China. While it’s ultimately a personal choice whether or not one engages with the app for enjoyment, the New York high school club is just another reminder that the politics surrounding the app must be addressed rather than swept under the rug. I interviewed some people in the school to see their opinions on if Tik Tok should be in school. All in all, TikTok is now a short music and lip-sync video sharing platform. West Orange High School in Florida, for example, has formed a TikTok club, according to The Times. (gettyimages.com: Anatoliy Sizov). Student council members could make campaign videos during election season. The digital divide still exists, but has shown signs of narrowing over the past six years, according to a recent study of media use by students under 8 years old […]. Debate: Trump Campaign Dismayed That Prez Forgot to... CDC: “Wear a Mask While Driving Just in... AOC Goes on Anti-Italian Tirade While Playing Mario... CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin Apologizes, Hopes He Doesn’t Rub... 82% of Americans Say Political Campaign Fluff is... Mnuchin Says it’s Been Far Too Long, Americans... Stock Market Crashes After Trump Sneezes During Campaign... MySpace is Back: “Please Come Home… We’ll Let... Pelosi in Existential Crisis After Trump “Triple Dog... Should TikTok Be Allowed in School or Be Banned? Check Out Our Glossary of Argument Terms! Natalie and her friend Abigail (6th) like Tik Tok and think it should be allowed in schools. The debate presents benefits and drawbacks of kids using the TikTok app. Â, The text consists of two letters—one from a girl to her parents explaining why she wants to use TikTok, and the other from her parents explaining why the answer is no.Â. In an article by The Digital Age, it discusses a study conducted by Middle Tennessee State University. In the debate, Mom and Dad suggest filming a family duet to send to Jade's grandparents. Have students preview the text features. What do they disagree about? Ask: “No matter what you personally think about this issue, which author do you think makes the better argument?” Take a poll and tally the results on the board.Â, Project the first text. But two hours of TikTok a day is too much. TikTok is a newer app that was once associated with the name of, “Musical.ly.” It became TikTok in September of 2016. It’s a creative space where kids share their talents without judgment. You say some TikTok videos have swearing and violence. Yes, there may be challenges. Why not try it yourself? Some teachers are making TikTok videos to explain complex topics. Does TikTok Belong in School? Why? There’s a group called Common Sense Media that helps parents decide which apps are right for kids. TikTok requires that users be at least 13 years old to use the full TikTok experience, although there is a way for younger kids to access the app. But when you see videos with swearing and rudeness, you could start to think that’s OK. And some people leave mean comments on posts. There’s certainly no tried-and-true answer to this question. TikTok’s own rule is that you have to be 13 to post or comment. and censor “pro-LGBT” content, right down to videos that show same sex couples holding hands. It’s not fair that you won’t let me get TikTok. Scope's glossary of argument terms defines words in clear and friendly language, along with examples. TikTok should be kept out of public schools, for the emotional and physical safety of all children. Simple, spectacular ideas for using Scope in your classroom. In fact, TikTok is a powerful learning tool. And it has a reputation for being less competitive and stressful than other types of social media, such as YouTube and Instagram. Two students at Elmwood Middle School face off in their school newspaper. In essence, TikTok can boost collaboration between teachers and students, all the while creating fresh ideas and improved learning. More than 1.2 billion people have it, including ALL of my friends. Other teachers are letting students submit TikTok videos for extra credit. And here’s why: For all its benefits, TikTok will create many problems for Elmwood students. Schoolchildren in France are barred by law from using their phones in school. Team up with someone in your home, pick a favorite song, rehearse, and record it on a phone. A discussion with the president of First Student and the AASA Superintendent of the Year. TikTok should be kept out of public schools, for the emotional and physical safety of all children. The app’s LGBTQ+ prejudice can also be harmful to students who are members of the LGBTQ+ community. It’s true that TikTok has a less judgmental vibe than other social media, but bullying still goes on. It’s one of the most popular apps in the world! Who could ask for better fans? There’s a high school in New York starting a club that even Pitt, with more than 400 student organizations, doesn’t offer — the TikTok club. Adding a new app to the mix can only worsen it. “Ultimately, TikTok needs to fundamentally reassess its attitude to handling inappropriate images of children on its site,” Burrows said. And we can still record family duets—and text them to Grandma and Grandpa. The debate consists of two short editorials: one explains how TikTok can be a learning tool and why it should be allowed in school, and the other explains why TikTok should not be used in schools. Who could ask for better fans? Well, it depends. But the biggest concern, in my opinion? TikTok says the app is best-suited for teenagers and adults. US TO INVESTIGATE VIDEO-SHARING APP TIKTOK OVER NATIONAL SECURITY CONCERNS And editing the videos will help me practice my computer skills. For example, teachers can post project ideas for students, or create a study guide to help kids learn in a more visual way. Give students a minute or so to preview the text features—the headline, illustrations or photos, any charts or graphs, etc. Send it to a grandparent or another adoring fan.     4. Kids would like it because it’s something to do when you are bored and as a fun app overall. The most restrictive LGBTQ+ censorship guidelines are in place in countries that have strict laws against homosexuality, but the censorship has. Vocabulary: some challenging academic vocabulary (e.g., associate, excessive, prohibit) When you walk through the 6th grade hallway, you will mostly see kids leaning their phones on anything to do a dance in front of it…a Tik Tok. CTRL + SPACE for auto-complete. Haven't signed into your Scholastic account before? Do you think TiK Tok should be banned from schools, or should they roam around until another trend pops up?

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