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Or, the red wagon can move (C) to the red settlement using 2 red roads (2 MPs) with a barbarian (+2 MPs). The main feature of this expansion is the addition of ships, gold rivers, and the pirate to the game, allowing play between multiple islands. In addition, her mothership has 1 booster. Multiple actions per turn are allowed: You may use fish tokens for more than 1 action during the same turn. This plays very similarly to the flood mechanic in the Atlantis scenario from the Atlantis and Das Buch scenario packs. At the beginning of the game, open page 1 of your flip-chart; the page indicates that you have no improvements. Requires 1 ore + 1 fuel + 1 carbon + 1 food. On your turn, the following actions are performed, in the order listed: The results of the event (symbol) die are resolved. Drink the number shown on both dice. The player who placed the last city takes the first turn; afterwards, in clockwise direction, one by one the other players take their turns. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. The other players may not trade among themselves. It determines which terrain hexes produce resources (if any). After you finish moving your knights, none of them may be on a path adjacent to the castle hex. Important: The 2 Wear and Tear encounter cards always apply to all players. 2 fame medal pieces are worth 1 victory point. Your city improvements are tracked with your development flip-chart. You can increase the strength and effectiveness of your knights by paying additional commodities. Place the two sets of game pieces not chosen by the players beside the game board. You are allowed to build a road on a path occupied by a barbarian. The highest roller goes first. On your turn, you first move your own knight(s) and then the foreign knight. The players have the task of transporting glass and marble to the castle hex as well as providing the glassworks with sand and the marble quarry with tools. Important: Before you move your ships, you must resolve the encounter. When you roll a”2” or a “12” as your production roll, re-roll the dice. In a 4-player game, you can establish a colony on each of these sites. When you move your wagon along a path, the movement. You roll a “9” and place a barbarian on the coastal hex with the “9” (B). If your opponent only has 1 card, you can take it, but still must give that opponent 2 cards in exchange. The game ends as soon as a player reaches 12 victory points during his turn. A red knight and a blue knight are on paths that have the “2&5 ⚫ ” orientation. The normal rules for Catan apply. The merchant piece (the cone) is put into play whenever any player uses one of the "Merchant" progress cards (from the yellow stack). To determine the number of resource cards you take—just check the position of your victory point marker on the victory point track. Only 1 barbarian may occupy a given road or path. Since 3 trade stations had already been established there, his mothership must have at least 4 freight pods. Some combinations are exciting and make sense, others are not recommendable. Strange stories are coming out of the dark woods of the Black Forest, hinting that the dreaded robber has disappeared without a trace, and that a young lad has taken his place. Then the card is removed from the game (i.e., tossed in the box). The hex can once again produces resources, and those settlements/cities are once again fully functional. If the red player places his knight at "B", it will break blue's road, shortening his road for purposes of determining the longest road. As much as you may wish to, it is extremely unlikely that you will be able to build colonies that give you ready access to every resource. – The MP cost is 1 if the path has another player’s road, but you must also pay 1 gold to that player. For each neutral player, place 1 settlement (without a road) on one of the intersections of the game board marked in the following illustration. Turn it face up in front of yourself to reveal the commodity depicted on the front of the token. The normal rules for Catan apply. You may not build a settlement adjacent to a damaged road. If your speed allows it, you can continue your ship’s flight after this action. While there is no guarantee how often any given number is rolled during a game, you must do what you can to set yourself up for success. After you finish trading and building on your turn, you may move each of your knights. Advance 1 space on the victory point track. She places the colony on this intersection between the 2 adjacent planets. When you upgrade a settlement to a city, put the settlement (house) piece back in your supply and replace it with a city piece (church). Important: Settlements and cities may only be placed at the corners of the terrain hexes-never along the edges (see Illustration C). If you have 1, 2, or 3 ships on the board, you first determine their speed. You and your fellow Catanians travel in spaceships to distant planetary systems in search of more resources. Each player turns 1 (maximum) of his roads sideways (at a 90° angle). If it is your turn, you must take resource cards from the reserve pile, depending on your current number of victory points. You may trade them freely with other players. However, you must include these intersections in your movement count. In the picture on the right, the red planet (ore) has a “5” number disc (lower right center of the board). Tur n the top (1) baggage train card of your stack face up and place. On later turns, you must move your wagon to the trade hex where this commodity can be delivered. 4 knights are thus pitted against 3 barbarians. But maybe we discover barren ice planets. Standing on the coast, you look out across the boundless sea. The color of each back serves as an additional distinguishing characteristic— each variant/scenario has a unique corresponding color. You roll doubles. She has only 1 ship and moves it a distance of 5 intersections. If your speed allows it, you can continue your ship’s flight after this action. To survive, the Catanians must prepare their knights at the castle and—demonstrating never before seen unity—send them into battle against the barbarian hordes. You must first terraform the ice planet or free the planet from pirates. Settlements and cities built on these intersections have a chance to collect fish tokens. Each improvement increases your chance of being eligible to draw progress cards. If you hold the Largest Army card and discard a face-up knight card, you might have to set aside the Largest Army card. On the other hand, you may lose fame medal pieces if the encounter doesn’t turn out so well for you. You may make this trade only during your turn, as if you were using a harbor. Regardless of whether you drive off the barbarian, you may continue moving your wagon normally using any remaining movement points. Since the desert hex and the castle hex can never be conquered, a settlement or city adjacent to one of these hexes cannot be conquered. 1 carbon for their colony, while White receives 1 carbon for her spaceport. You can buy useful upgrades for your mothership that will give you advantages as you travel through space. Before playing your first game, you must separate the spiralbound pages of the development flip-charts. Always make sure that you have enough gold reserves.

Kent Boyd Partner, Siamese Cat Adoption Nj, Samsung Smart Fridge Screen Protector, Word Trip Game Piggy Bank, Pocket Digimon World, Lapd Code Alpha, Birdie West Defreitas,

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