In very high temperatures this would be one of the vests to consider if you are not competing in eventing, showjumping or hunting. The outer fabric is a heavy-duty 100% polyester fabric, and the lining is nylon. You very much get what you pay for in protective vests. Certification: ASTM F1937-04 SEI Certified for maximum protection. All protectors are made in the UK at their Northamptonshire factory and all are BETA certified. By far the lightest and most comfortable of all the vests reviewed the Hit-Air will also provide a level of protection in the event of a fall. Best Horse Riding Body Protectors of 2019 (equestrian protective vests & safety vests) Do I need a horse riding body protector? Stock colour is black micro mesh, but if you are willing to pay additional for colour you can purchase a customised vest. After logging in you can close it and return to this page. I have tracked down some excellent prices across the internet on the vests featured, all prices have been converted to Australian dollars so you can easily see the price differences, but the vests are available through various outlets around the world. While the vests are certainly not a mandatory safety requirement like helmets and boots for me, they certainly do provide an added level of protection and most high impact competition sports do require them eg. Until you can afford one of the other brands the Tough-1 Bodyguard is the best available option in the under $100 range. Developed by the British Equestrian Trade Association (BETA) and is as stringent as the EN 13158 certification. Some helmets fit different shaped heads better than others. The safety factor is still there with ASTM F2681 certification but this lighter weight is achieved by using a density foam which will still provide ample protection for routine riding. This has often been overlooked in the larger bulkier vests which tend not to conform to the riders shape. Using state of the art EPP shock absorbing foam the vests are lightweight and suitable for the most petite of riders or jockeys looking to make weight. The laced sides provide a way to custom fit the vest and provide heaps of adjustment to achieved a snug fit which is essential to achieving the protection you want. Once a week we will send you our newest blogs direct to your inbox - subscribe below. The Loveson brand is now being relaunched to bring you a range of different products for people who love horses. The Long has a lengthened front (2 inches additional) providing increased coverage and protection for the rib cage and stomach but obviously you are then compromising on the freedom of lower body movement. Use the chart to convert measurement to hat size. This means there is no additional cost to you and I receive a small commission should you buy from the link, which of course I appreciate very much. This is a great review of the body protectors available. Velocity Impact Protection Apparel (VIPA) are a company specialising in protective equipment across a range of equestrian sports and the racing industry. So I went to the padded vest. So this is really useful information for rider protection. I absolutely love vests, they keep you warm but still allow you to use your arms without restriction and I just love the look of this one, so much so that I am seriously considering putting one on order for myself. I provide the links so you can easily find products or seek any additional information you may need. My Horse Handbook has an affiliate relationship with some, not all, of the companies and products that appear on this site. Copyright text 2019 by My Horse Handbook. One added extra is the additional protection for your spine through the 4″ solid strip which runs from neck to tailbone. Changes to the standard have meant an increase in protective coverage as well as changes in the areas where a reduction in the thickness of the foam is acceptable. These vests have come along way from the original designs and are now lightweight, come in a range of funky colours and are far more flexible than they use to be. All customer reviews indicate it fits well, warms and contours to your body to enable a free-range of rider movement and doesn’t ride up even with the extended tail flat. I was starting young horses and nervous horses. Level 1 has been endorsed by the horse racing industry so do not be concerned that it isn’t the highest level protection available in a vest, if it’s safe for jockeys I’d be confident to say it is suitable for the general riding that most of us do. I am assuming none of you are riding a bucking bronco (at least not on a regular basis) so we will review the Competitor II. Level 1 provides the lowest level of protection and is recommended only for horse racing. Or use a string to measure and then lay it out and measure the length of the string. There is good range to achieve an almost custom fit through the adjustable shoulders and off set “quick grip” velcro closures on each side. This vest can be used across the entire range of equestrian disciplines from dressage to trail riding and eventing. I’m sure if you talk to someone whos broken a couple of ribs coming off a horse, they would recommend a body protection vest for every rider. You can check out my Top 6 Helmets for 2019 if you are also in the market for one of those. They claim to have been the first company to develop the protective vest and their parent company Phoenix Performance produces vests used extensively by bronco and bull riders around the rodeo circuit in the US. It does seem that the quality and protection offered is equal to the amount you pay when it comes to protective vests. I provide the links so you can easily find products or seek any additional information you may need. Some people may have a unique head shape changing what size they need. Hit-Air vests are also used by motorcyclists, another high impact pass time, which can result in substantial injuries. Level 3 body protectors should prevent minor bruising that would have produced stiffness and pain, reduce soft tissue injuries and prevent a limited number of rib fractures.”. And being lightweight to provide added comfort, the Standard testing provides total confidence in your upper body protection. Once you have a good fit, the zippered front means no more messing around with the side tabs. Coming in a large range of sizes as well as offering adjustments through the shoulder and waist tape closures this ensures the best possible fit and protection. This hasn’t reduced shoulder mobility as the vest has been cut to allow full rotational arm movement. A quality British company Racesafe have over 40 years of experience and development in the equestrian safety realm. DESIGNED FOR RIDERS BY RIDERS. Tests have shown our vests and jackets to reduce head acceleration by more than 50% and body acceleration by over 70%. Believe me I know horses can be expensive, I have two of my own, so please do not buy anything you do not need or can’t afford. Loveson was set up in 1932 by the Loveday family and has been a much loved & trusted brand in the UK and other markets ever since then. Having said that if you can afford a Level 3 you will be using the best safety vest you can. My Horse Handbook has an affiliate relationship with some, not all, of the companies and products that appear on this site, this may include Amazon affiliate links. Would you like to join a wonderful online community and turn your passion into income? That’s dedication for you. It is necessary to identify the various standards to give you a good idea of what to look for when choosing a body protector. It has helped me in a few falls. This vest has been endorsed by the Australian Racing Board. While this is the most expensive of all the vests we have showcased, if you are after protection you will hardly know you are wearing and that is elegant and unobtrusive this is the product for you. Certification: See independent laboratory test results above. This vest is true to size, but fit is an important factor in the overall protection offered by any vest. While this is not a body protector I just had to include it because it looked so stylish, and I am a big fan of Charlotte Dujardin. The company proudly claim that all they have a vest to suit all equestrians from Pony Club to Olympians. The outer material is polyester making it easy to wipe over and keep clean. Hit Air…Not Ground. Darts and the front and back of the vest also allow for increased range of rider movement. For nearly thirty years now Woof Wear has been on the forefront of equestrian protection and our products are being valued equally by leisure riders, professionals and even the Police Forces across the UK. We have extremes of hot weather where I live and I could imagine this would be the very best safety option in 40C heat. I love this vest for dressage, flat work and arena work, and some light trail riding. The most recent innovation in the Racesafe product range, the PROVENT 3.0, reaches new heights to provide a lightweight, flexible & breathable protective vest with BETA Level 3 protection. BETA testing does include annual re-testing on certified vests to ensure continued compliance. Equisafety call it a waistcoat and state that it “will stop people and horses in their tracks with its stunning and ergonomic design.” It definitely has an elegant silhouette and provides some shape to what can sometimes look like your wearing a sack when in high viz. The Advantage Multi-Discipline model (MD) vest can also now be safely used with Western saddles, with the inclusion of a zipper rather than buckles this minimises the risk of getting clothing or buckles caught on the horn. Whilst the style is perhaps a bit more industrial than the higher priced vests the adjustments provided around the waist reduce the chances of the vest riding up, but can be tightened to provide a snug fit that doesn’t cut you in half. BETA:2009 is the UK version of the above standard. As an interim measure this vest will provide some protection, it may even be enough but as it isn’t certified you just don’t know. Additional foam pieces have been added to provide protection to the shoulders in the event of a fall, this has also softened the shoulder straps to increase comfort.

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