Unfortunately, that doesn’t provide the health insurance I need for my family Also, while I’m quite proud of my talents, I have a very difficult time ‘selling myself’ (promoting myself), as my low self-confidence and fear of sounding conceited comes into play! Publishers wanted to buy my international rights. Also, the MBA has a social specialisation that may suite me. It often feels like I spend more time doing paperwork and documenting instead of working with my patients because we need to maximize insurance reimbursement. If a career seems dull to us, stagnation will occur and INFJs will no longer see the point of doing that job. It’s also ok to feel lost, because there is an opportunity for you now. I think an infj can be of great help in the mediation process in family law. This dream seem so impossible to reach, but it also seems like the only job or career I could ever see a purpose in having. And in the end, it gave me some additional income. There is no consistency in the rule of law for the family court system. Yes, you could help some corporation make more profits, but you could also find a company or policy thinktank or government agency and apply your knowledge to making the world a better place for everyone – human, plant, and animal! They show up at work and they get paid at the end of the month. Thanks so much for sharing! Also, instead of working on tax problems one at a time, I had an irresistible urge to work on improving the tax system so that such problems as my clients experienced didn’t arise in the first place. You are most welcome. I’m not a drone. Hello! Start again, and again. I was studying like crazy. Also, thank you for sharing your story. Due to the specifics of the work involved, certain jobs may not be a good fit for people with this personality type. I LOVE IT! I just wanted to add that I have been a teacher for 17 years. Our primary mindset - or cognitive function - is something called introverted intuition (Ni). Only now I understand it didn’t really suit me We can see the underlying issue and provide valuable insights to others. I am a 22 year old female still trying to find myself in this huge world. INFJs are less motivated by status and glory and more by purpose and mission. Website Designed by Nerdy Creator. And for the longest time i struggled with finding my footing until now. Thank you, Thank you so much Stephani, and you are most welcome! Although INFJs enjoy creative work, we probably have to think twice before we get a job in the creative field. Thank you for writing this article. Call INFJ an idealist. I am a lawyer. Not a lot, but enough to live a life you can be proud of. They appreciate a peaceful work environment that provides time to fully develop their ideas. You won’t make a mistake whichever of these two fields you chose. what should I do ? We usually adhere to the rules for the sake of maintaining social peace. We’ll see. Many INFJs have a creative streak which can be seen in the top INFJ career trends. Since the pandemic started I have been on break for almost a month. Don’t worry, you have the time, it’s not too late to find your calling. Once more, I admire your strength! Uber/Lyft, being a runner for Favor and donating plasma isn’t exactly paying the bills, thinking of maybe being a caregiver for seniors will help to supplement my income. what you do as a career doesn’t matter that much.

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