Enter the Velvet Room Obtained Cute Strap Courage UP Need a Silver Lump for a future quest Dropped by Silver Dice at Marukyu Striptease 5-8F, 10F IMPORTANT!!! : Reload if you don’t get my stat increases. Option A, A, B (Requires Diligence Rank Rock Solid) (Unable to pick) or A Purchase a Super Croquette at Sozai Daigaku in Shopping District North Read The O-Cha Way The Thick Hide drops from the Dancing Hand enemies in the Steamy Bathhouse floors 7 and 8. Once you rank up, you don’t have to save abuse. Located on Roof Talk to Ms. Sofue on Classroom Building 2F Take these to the Shiroku Pub (the weapon shop at night) to get the Animal Paw Weapon for Teddie. Courage Rank Up! Bug Hunter Bronze Swing the net with perfect timing Complete! Rank MAX, 12 Saki’s Brother Hanged Man Complete! New fusion: Beelzebub See platonic/intimate relationships (Optional for alternate Sun) Buy Hard Boots Understanding UP What should you do…? They are quite entertaining and spark some hilarious dialogue. Obtained Guide to Pests Beginning Fishing, Persona required from now on Question: What drink name means “bury demons”? Understanding UP Buy at least 30 Ball Lightnings. Generous to Motherly The Truth In Your Hands (Secret Trophy) Gold Defeat Izanami Complete! Here you can sleep to pass time. Expression UP, From today on, you can now apply for part-time jobs. Diligence UP 48 Acquire a Crystal Ball Give Crystal Ball Complete! New fusion: Vishnu, Chie: “Huh? You will also need the Cleaning Uniform. Location: Avid Reader NPC in the South Shopping District. Located at Meeting Room in Practice Building 1F, Eat white miso in fridge (WAQ7: How do you beat a dungeon in one day?). Obtained Neko Shogun Doll. Trade Iai Katana for Cleaning Mop, Talk to Saki Konishi’s Brother on Classroom Building 1F, Persona no longer needed (WAQ11: Why does Jester not need a Persona after Rank 6?) Obtained Girls’ Yaso Outfit, Nanako: “How did you get it so big?” Sometimes we will save the food for a different day, because it may take time. I will map out the options for each ending, but to avoid major spoilers I will not map out what each dialog option says. Lovers Rank 6 or higher will let Rise tell you if you can hit a weakness, Nanako: “Do you feel happy when you’re alone?” Option C: “Come with me next time.” Talk to it gently. Option C: “I’ll protect you.” Read The Final Lesson Option B: Italian food. Obtained 3 Dokudami Teas Talk to Principal on Classroom Building 3F Expression UP, Save Abuse Party members who have a Social Link rank of 1 or higher have about a 25-33% chance to help an ally with Down status back up to their feet. 10 I Wish I Had Friends Give him some stickers Complete! 25 100% Inaba-Grown Cabbage Give Hiranya Cabbage Complete!

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