If you cannot upgrade your Omega residences, you can use the button on a hard hat that allows you to request new plans for a residence. When your Omega Storage is full, there are only two ways to clear space: sell to advisors or upgrade an Omega residence. You set up your roads like shown above and can put multiple of these setups next to each other. For Omega residential upgrades, while you can plan for what you have available to upgrade, I recommend to have a good stock of every Omega item available (at least two of each on top of your currently requested items) so you are ready for any upgrade that comes along. This layout gets more and more effective when you have multiple of them next to each other. Each residential zone starts producing 100 NeoSimoleons per day, increasing to a maximum of 200 at the highest upgrade. to reject the sale. Warning: Not collecting in time will result in the research facility being blocked until you empty enough storage to collect. In addition to producing Omega items in your Research Facility, they can also be purchased with NeoSimoleons at the NeoMall. The NeoBank, Omega Storage, and Omega Research Facility do not cost any NeoSimoleons, but the Labs do cost an increasing amount of NeoSimoleons. For Earn NeoSimoleons tasks, I usually will only collect my NeoSimoleons right before bedtime so I have some NeoSimoleons ready to go by morning. This subreddit is a place for players of the game to gather, discuss the game, and share tips and achievements with the community. Use OMEGA items to build OMEGA homes. If your Omega Storage is full, you can continue to research but you will have to use Simcash to collect: most effective is in the last 5 minutes where you can collect the items for just 1 Simcash. Very comprehensive and detailed! Each utility building supplies 100 units of power, sewage, trash, or water. Most players build Omega for various reasons, whether it is the cool buildings, the high population, access to NeoMall, or utilities. As with other upgrades in SimCity BuildIt, you must collect an increasing number of items to upgrade these facilities. You need two buildings to produce OMEGA items—the OMEGA Lab and the OMEGA Research Center. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. As I said in the beginning, your layout is key in SimCity BuildIt and you should really be using an effective layout over a beautiful design unless you have been unlocking the whole map. You can place multiple of these where you need them, they are working as they are and using the space they take as optimal as possible. Best Layout for SimCity BuildIt. Why starting out with a beginner layout when you need do demolish them later anyway? Each building costs NeoSimoleons to purchase, and requires an increasing amount for each subsequent purchase. When the research finishes, tap to open the boxes and see what OMEGA item and other rewards you received. You cannot sell OMEGA items in the Trade Deport or the NeoMall. How to prepare for the P&C Omega Material CoM tasks....6 labs with single canisters ready to be collected (if you don't have 6, work towards getting them).

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