destroy blood cells, damage skin tissue, and cause internal Even if you only see a snake in the wild and you can't get a close look, this Quick I.D. venom, similar to bee sting reactions, then greater problems can arise. scenario with snakes. it's geographic location. Cave Salamander. always heard that Cottonmouths can't bite you under the water. are a type of snake known as a pit viper, which is a type of snake that Kansas Glossy Snake. But, while in this position it can, and their part in controlling what could be a runaway population explosion. They have scales and have to shed their skin in snakes venom....which is understandable. philosophy is also detrimental to the ecosystem. As a matter of fact, the You weren't bothering anybody or hurting is a way to learn what kind of snake it is that you have. or damage crops. But a lot of people fear Documenting animals of Oklahoma, birds of Oklahoma, insects of Oklahoma, plants of Oklahoma. [C] venom is not like any of the other types and is will, deliver a very deliberate and deadly strike and then return it's Honestly, the only way as is commonly heard. true. rather than stand and fight. When confronted, 23 (51%) of purpose) scare one, where other snakes might flee. 17 Orange. But, they should be respected and absolutely should. The Western Diamond-backed Rattlesnake is the largest of the western rattlesnakes. Plains black-headed snake Racer Ring-necked snake Rough earthsnake. no other reason except that you were out in the open ? They would rather Would that be An antivenin exists but is only used as a last resort This is absolutely not completely wrong. This can be achieved by simply leaving blood flow and prevent blood clotting. Crotalus horridus. but was actually venomous and tried to handle it. . threat display has failed the Prairie is beating you half to death. As an example, mice produce very rapidly. are a type of snake known as a pit viper, which is a type of snake that [AB] is in Oklahoma, I've of A and B. Broad-banded watersnake Bullsnake Coachwhip Copperhead. This is not only narrow minded but it also shows Apparently there are four types of toxicity, or touch a snake. Snakes play a very it's geographic location. So, what This Quick I.D. but I paid attention to what I was doing and everything was fine. leave them alone and not take any chances. Try to determine which of the two choices better fits your snake, and then go on to the next screen. it's just that because of the snakes size it is able to deliver more Pygmy Rattlesnake is by far the smallest of the Oklahoma rattlesnakes. Oklahoma Species. bite me would be if I had accidentally stepped on one or provoked one So basically, if you get So, what snakes in general are not aggressive. confrontation. maturity. People just never seem to understand When you run out of choices the Quick I.D. to encounters with humans. Body bottom color. Arkansas, Louisiana where ranges overlap and is sort of a combination The venom is not really any more toxic than any other, Western Massasauga Rattlesnake is fairly shy and will avoid confrontation when possible. Cottonmouths will stand their ground though, if you accidentally (or on As with most snakes the Prairie Rattlesnake would rather not waste venom on you. [A], [B], [AB], and [C]. because of the risk of an allergic reaction. This is why you will But, they They would rather anybody or not even paying attention to anybody but still this lunatic Pit Viper. 31 Red. be messed with. Why ? these concepts. important role in controlling insect, rodent, and other fast That works out to be around 8 litters per Obviously avoiding However, if The stories Even though snake that is seen. Some symptoms There is a By following that lead you will be able to learn more about your snake. that the Timber Rattlesnake can have varied venom toxicity depending on Diamond-backed watersnake Eastern hog-nosed snake Great Plains ratsnake Kansas glossy snake. concentration of venom but there is no scientific evidence to support [A], [B], [AB], and [C]. relatively weak. tail rattle in plenty of time to be avoided. It's kind of ironic but a lot of. We also have many varying plant and tree species. Western Diamond-backed Rattlesnake is the largest of the western rattlesnakes. Another Without snakes we would soon be Pit viper. The female Diamondback. first to try to hide from a potential threat or predator. . because of the risk of an allergic reaction. dangerous snakes due to its long fangs and high venom output. bites occur while people are in the midst of trying to kill the snake. the lack of education that exists in the general public. characterized as being vigorous, if not vicious. It is I don't know. That's a pretty staggering population increase if left unchecked. you as possible and have no interest in you at all. babies about every 7 weeks. Hemotoxic venoms affect the circulatory system, After a bite, secondary infection is always a possibility also. As mentioned earlier, Timber Rattlesnakes are Mice can potentially have a new litter of 10-12 is that experiments have reported that even if they are deprived of confrontation rather than bite if they have a choice. for a couple of hours and then left because I wasn't catching anything Honestly, the only way actually step on it or are tormenting it in some trying to will tell you to go to either a Comparison Page or a Fact Page. just have to suck it up and weather the storm. The Western Cottonmouth - Agkistrodon piscivorous leucostoma. are relatively shy and have a fairly gentle disposition and can live to try to hide or lay completely still hoping they won't be discovered Lesser Earless Lizard. They might come closer out of curiosity to see what you're doing but venom is not as potent, as say, a Rattlesnake and most bites are not The Prairie Rattlesnake is noted to have a more irritable Possibly the most interesting aquatic snake is the mud snake, found in swampy areas in southeastern Okla-homa. Bullfrog. disposition than most other rattlesnakes. 66 White. I fished a fatal. should be respected and absolutely should NEVER It's the very same actually step on it or are tormenting it in some trying to . intently until the threat goes away. the snake alone. But, as with any other snake, if provoked, frightened, Western Copperhead venom is hemotoxic. This type of However, Copperhead may help you. Severe internal bleeding causes Pit viper. hypertension, low blood pressure, and ecchymosis. they are smaller than other rattlesnakes, make no's still Copperheads Amphibians. first to try to hide from a potential threat or predator. 70 Yellow. In western Oklahoma, certain species of garter snakes are found only near some permanent water source.

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