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2021 Unique Log Cabin Office Range

2021 Unique Log Cabin Office Range

Bespoke Log Cabins:  Over the years Factory Cabins has put together a team of the most highly skilled Carpenter, Architects, Joiners and Machinists, with the total focus on Bespoke Log Cabins.
Unlike a lot of the Mass Produced Rubbish that is on sale at the moment, we pride ourselves on Quality, Design and then Price.
If we were a price conscious Mill we would be failing the customer, Safety comes to the front on every design. We would just like to add, so there is no confusion at all the Log Cabins in this range “box’s”, which means, you get the 19mm roof and the 28mm flooring as standard and its part of the price, nothing to add. Just pick which window which doo and where and that that!