Factory Cabins Standard Range

The Standard Range 2021 is one of the most diverse collections we have on offer at Factory Cabins. These prices for the quality you receive are absolutely bonkers. Our log cabins are fitted with not just quality windows and doors, but the best windows and doors.

This range offers a huge host of different cabins, making it easy to find whichever one fits your needs and size requirements. From cabins as compact as 2m x 3m to the much more spacious options at 5m x 9m, this makes the Standart Range suitable for all kinds of needs. We have cabins perfect for all the following uses:

  • Pool houses
  • Playrooms
  • Home cinemas
  • Guest houses
  • Summer houses
  • Garden offices
  • Workshops
  • Pet grooming rooms
  • Snooker rooms
  • Bicycle/motorbike storage
  • And more

We have cabins in this range with and without exterior decks, with one or multiple doors, with any number of windows to provide natural light, and plenty of options besides. Take a look at the range but don’t hesitate to get in touch if you need help finding the perfect cabin for you.

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