Insulated Garden Offices

If you are looking for a fully insulated garden office then look no further, as we can supply you with a specification, quality, speed of service and full turn solution that absolutely no one in the market can even come close to , we are the leaders in Price, and Quality.

Please look at our specification and you will notice we are offering not just some CE certified Windows and Doors, our windows and doors are also Trada certified, against Fire and Theft, we also offer a huge insulation package for the floor.walls and roofing, plus the exterior cladding is from High Quality Northern Siberian Larch, which we all know knock the ( cedar, pine and spruce cladding clean out of the park when it comes to weather resistance and durability).

All our Highly insulated Offices are sold ex works, or if you are looking for a full turn key solution ,and we have the best fitters in the UK, please give us a call of email us.

Please do not get think that we are a shed manufacturer manufacturing timber frame buildings, we are actually a renowned House Manufacturer, and predominately we manufacture Passive Housing also A+ and A++ Units of varying sizes, we have now decided to open a new section of our very large mill to now manufacturer High Quality Fully Insulated Garden Offices and retreats for the UK market.

And all our Insulated Offices come with 10 years guarantee.

Now guess what do we have in common with other manufacturers, “WELL” absolutely nothing, why? Quite Simple, the UK has a massive shortage of timber, and our manufacturing plants are based in Lithuania, which is heart land of forest region, we have the first pick of the best timber in the world, which is why we only use KD C24 FSC timber to manufacturer from, our frame work is monstrously strong and will last the test of time, and will keep mother nature out in winter, and the heavy rains in spring and the insulation and build quality plus the high quality double glazing CNC manufactured windows and doors will keep your Office cool in the summer. There is actually nothing better possibly in the world at this price ex works anywhere. Lead times are between5/6 weeks, and Factory Cabins are able to offer the whole service of all ground works, assembly, finishing off to a high spec, and all done in a very sensible time period., Please give us a call, or send us an email to find out more.

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