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Before we begin please note that we do not take payments online, please call us, or send us an email, and we can send you a secure credit card payment details and bank details on request. As a company we would prefer you to deal directly with Visa or you're own bank, so no details of yours are stored anywhere on our system. Thank you.

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Thank you for your interest in Factory Cabins! We are very excited to show you our new website and our new designs. Our Log Cabins and Timber Buildings are made with the highest quality materials and craftsmanship and will provide you with years of use. Whether you’re looking for a cozy cabin for your summer getaway or a larger building for a commercial business, we have the perfect solution for you. Visit our website today to learn more about our products and services.

We offer a range of different styles and sizes of log cabins, from our traditional log cabins to our contemporary models, and even our luxury models, as well as a range of accessories and additional features. Our log cabins are crafted with the highest quality materials and are designed to be low maintenance and extremely durable, so you can enjoy them for many years to come. We also offer a variety of customization options, so you can make your cabin unique and truly yours.
Gluam double glazed joinery is designed to provide superior insulation and weatherproofing for your log cabin, preventing any loss of warmth or draughts. The windows and doors are toughened to be strong enough to resist impact from a football, and are precision-manufactured on a CNC machine to ensure they fit perfectly. With double glazing, you can also be sure that your log cabin stays dry and comfortable, no matter how hard the rain is falling.


We opened the new website, factorycabins.com, because we wanted to provide our customers with an even better experience. This new website allows us to offer a larger selection of log cabins, pods, timber buildings, and other items. We have not closed this website down because we have put a lot of effort into creating amazing log cabins, pods, timber buildings, and other items. Our double glazed joinery glulam is designed to provide superior insulation, security, and weatherproofing. The windows and doors are constructed with two panes of toughened glass, separated by an air gap that helps to retain heat in winter and keep your home cool in summer.

The glulam also creates an impermeable seal that helps keep out dust, dirt, and other pollutants. The joinery is available in a variety of styles, colours, and finishes to suit any home.Factory Cabins’ products are manufactured from the highest quality materials, with a focus on sustainability. Their timber is sourced from forests that are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and are treated with the latest processes to ensure durability and strength. Factory Cabins are also the only company who offer a 10 year warranty on all their log cabins, ensuring that their customers can have peace of mind when they purchase a Factory Cabin. Factory Cabins also offer a wide range of services, such as custom design, installation and after-sales service. Their team of specialists can help customers to design a unique cabin that meets their needs and requirements. They can also provide advice on the best installation method to ensure a successful build and safe installation. Factory Cabins provide a full after-sales service to ensure that customers remain satisfied with their purchase, offering a replacement part scheme and repair services if necessary.

Amazing Factory Cabins All Ex Works Pricing

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camping pods - mega gig pods, 2021 216
camping pods - mega gig pods, 2021 071
camping pods - mega gig pods, 2021 094
camping pods - mega gig pods, 2021 336
camping pods - mega gig pods, 2021 335
camping pods - mega gig pods, 2021 334
camping pods - mega gig pods, 2021 326
camping pods - mega gig pods, 2021 285
camping pods - mega gig pods, 2021 284
camping pods - mega gig pods, 2021 249
camping pods - mega gig pods, 2021 225
camping pods - mega gig pods, 2021 224
camping pods - mega gig pods, 2021 212
camping pods - mega gig pods, 2021 211
camping pods - mega gig pods, 2021 148
camping pods - mega gig pods, 2021 213
camping pods - mega gig pods, 2021 147
camping pods - mega gig pods, 2021 146
camping pods - mega gig pods, 2021 092
camping pods - mega gig pods, 2021 145
camping pods - mega gig pods, 2021 243
camping pods - mega gig pods, 2021 113
camping pods - mega gig pods, 2021 139
camping pods - mega gig pods, 2021 140
camping pods - mega gig pods, 2021 141
camping pods - mega gig pods, 2021 142
camping pods - mega gig pods, 2021 144
camping pods - mega gig pods, 2021 112
camping pods - mega gig pods, 2021 040
camping pods - mega gig pods, 2021 110
camping pods - mega gig pods, 2021 246
camping pods - mega gig pods, 2021 039
camping pods - mega gig pods, 2021 109
camping pods - mega gig pods, 2021 036
camping pods - mega gig pods, 2021 106
camping pods - mega gig pods, 2021 025
camping pods - mega gig pods, 2021 104
camping pods - mega gig pods, 2021 214
camping pods - mega gig pods, 2021 023
camping pods - mega gig pods, 2021 046
camping pods - mega gig pods, 2021 021
camping pods - mega gig pods, 2021 018
camping pods - mega gig pods, 2021 031
camping pods - mega gig pods, 2021 030
camping pods - mega gig pods, 2021 029
camping pods - mega gig pods, 2021 042

Invest in a holiday camping pod. Holiday sites need 5/10/15 pods. All our current models of camping pods are manufactured in Europe in our huge house manufacturing department factory, and we only make houses from A to A++ and net zero, low-energy housing. We are the first company to design, manufacture, and sell the side entrance pod, which so many have copied, but we find that amusing, as none have bettered our design, and now, with the price of timber in the UK, they are offering you pods we charge 7500 for for 9500; ours are 2.4m x 6.0m and theirs are 2.3 x 4.8m.  Built to be robust and durable with built-in ForkLift sleves, strong and sturdy steel can be inserted into the bases of all our pods, so you can move them wherever you would like them. Our side entry door model is a leading design in making the best use of the space and aiding flexibility. This model has the porch built into the base model, along with full electric and room heating. All of these designs are from LV, which everyone has copied but only we have mastered.




Start your dream of being part of the lucrative Airbnb team. Or owning your own holiday park. All of our superb camping pod models or cabin models are available for finance or leasing arrangements. We are happy to quote or introduce you to an independent leasing company that will offer you personal service on your lease rentals or lease purchases.

We offer an attractive leasing agreement 
for business purchases, 

It makes me laugh when you see text like this.

Do not be stuck with thinking that camping pods are from the UK; they are not, Actually, not one part of a pod is from the UK

Before we start, I would like to point out the best points about our pods; they are simply the best, without doubt. We manufacture all our pods, and we are a dedicated house manufacturer as well as pods and cabins, so you can really believe that we really know what we are doing. As most don’t.

Have you dreamt of owning your own holiday camping pod park, but finances just hold you back? The bank says no, and you just want to start, and that’s your dream: to get 10 pods of various accommodation sizes,  rent them out quickly, and earn, earn, earn.

Moreover, we have Pods that are completely different than anyone else’s, like Our Huge 5 Star Massive Barrel Giga pod, which is over 9m long down to our 5 star standard 4.8m x 4.8m Barrel Pod, we have so many Pod designs. To pic from, so many, and all you have to do is send us an email.

So, no deposit how does it work?
We have partnered with a superb Financial Service Company who will offer you a range of amazing flexible finance options. No deposit needed. If you pass, then, sky’s the limit. I am so super excited about this, as it helps you get going, and makes your customers happy that they get to Holiday in the best Pods on the Market, plus our Camping Pods unlike the rubbish being churned out in the UK are built with far superior materials, and our 30+ year skilled carpenters, who’s only job has been to manufacture dwellings of various types to the very high Norwegians build standards, and if your well informed about house building, you will know that the Norwegians have the best houses on the planet due to the weather conditions they must deal with. Even the weather at the top end of Scotland can come close to Norway’s winter.

We would suggest if you live in a very windy area please chose a camping pod with giga mega pod super strong light weight tiles or wrap the roof with an EPDM.

For any queries during the application process or when signing your Credit/ Bank agreement, their customer Service boys and girls will be more than happy to help. It works something like this, you purchase your pods, you get them, for a month there is nothing to pay and then it works out something like this, out of 10, one pod, for 1 weeks rental pays for the other 9, depending on your rates and which pods you pick, we are also able to offer you bespoke timber frame buildings which of course will comply to all regulation, Toilet and Shower Blocks. For the full turnkey Park or anything else you would like, from 1 to 30 pods, please do not hesitate to give us a call.

Sad to say this but there are many companies that try to make you believe they are us, there is none. We are LV, Factory Cabins, LV Pods, only. If other companies have our images or photos, they are thief’s and if they can steal our photos and images, they can steal your deposits.

New Summer line

The most bought buildings
in 2020

Factory cabins quality standard windows and doors

The best windows and doors in the industry.
Please click the (link) below and find out what the competition has to offer, it’s not a pretty site.
Please click the button below to view all of our standard quality windows and doors.

The Perfect Airbnb Planning Complaint 1 bed and 2 bed Cosy Insulated Units


All under 30 sq. meter, Twinskin so can be fully Insulated easily, ex works pricing.
Only available from Factory Cabins, and please remember it’s an LV design, which means A super high quality level, low pricing and amazing windows and doors. All under 2.5m tall.

We designed  and Manufactured it First, if your looking for the original Clock House, then Factory Cabins is whom to speak to.


If your looking for a range of Clock Houses, or the cabins that have the same D and A as a clock house please have a look at our ranges.
Please go to our Blog to see what our customers say!

Quality Interlocking Log Cabin Garages from Factory Cabins for 2021


Factory Cabins offers you quality Garage Garden Designs, and never forget we offer bespoke on all our different ranges, our garages can come with solid wooden doors, but we would recommend you adding up and over doors, due to their longevity.

Standard Range 2021
Factory Log Cabins Ex Works


The Standard Range 2021 is one of the most diverse collections we have on offer at Factory Cabins. These prices for the quality you receive are absolutely bonkers. Our log cabins are fitted with not just quality windows and doors, but the best windows and doors.

Please go to our Blog to see what our customers say!

Factory Log Cabins Bespoke Range


Factory Cabins has put together a team of the most highly skilled Carpenter’s, Architects, Joiners and Machinists, with the total focus on Bespoke Log Cabins. This is the largest range of Log Cabin Boxes in the world, choose a door and windows and put them where you want in any of our cabin boxes.

Log Cabins For Sale Country Range


Factory Log Cabins Ex Works Standard Range 2021 is one of the most diverse collections we have on offer at Factory Cabins. From compact garden offices to spacious summer houses with plenty of exterior space for relaxing in the sun, every cabin in this range is built with quality as the first priority so you’re free to explore and find those that meet your exact needs.

Fully Insulated Timber Frame Buildings 2021 

Did you check out the spec of
these buildings, seriously have you?
Hi, Mr and Mrs I want longevity, quality, great customer service and a superb timber frame highly insulated building. Our timber frame is without doubt the best of the best, manufactured from the best quality KD C24 timber, our timber frame cabin offices are also fitted with amazing Trada certified (fire and theft) handmade joinery timber windows and doors, and our timber frame offices are clad in Northern Siberian Larch Cladding, we are talking about the best handmade office, Cabins, timber frame building you could ever possibly put in your garden. And yes, all our pricing is ex works direct from the factory. Factory Cabins LTD. +44 208 133 5164.

Log Cabins For Sale New Designs – Planning Compliant


Our new designs meet 2.5M Planning Regulations in UK Log Cabins Planning Permission. Factory Cabins – new regulations that came into effect on the 1st October 2008, All Garden Buildings are considered NOT requiring planning permission subject to conditions. 

Log Cabins DF Range Planning Compliant Under 2.5m


Our new DF designs all meet the under 2.5M Planning Regulation Requirement  in UK.
Factory Cabins .All our high quality Garden Buildings do not  require planning permission, please check with your local authority. The new and amazing DF Range, under 2.5m, with amazing, and i mean amazing windows and doors, the best in the industry. Our log cabins are the best of the best, not to be mixed up with the any other manufacturer. Please remeber we were the first to design the Twin Skin locking System, Clock House log cabins , Garden Office and so many many more.

The KI Log Cabins Range Factory Cabins

My Own Personal Unique Design, Designed By Kevin Langham

Perfect for modern garden offices, the KI range of log cabins available at Factory Cabins offer curves that just about anyone can appreciate. These cabins are more than gorgeous, however, offering highly customizable design, convenient installation and the highest standards and materials in construction you can hope to find in the log cabin market. Unique to us, but copied by all! 

OC Range is such amazing value, built to keep mother nature out!


Using the very best quality of windows and doors in the log cabin industry, the OC Range brings with it the climate control, insulation, and cooling that helps it stay as comfortable as possible, no matter what the weather outside might be. Explore our selection of OC Range residential cabins to create the perfect winter and summer haven in your garden.

Ex Works Siberian Larch Clad Fully Insulated Garden Office 2021


Factory Cabins Timber Frame Garden Offices are simply the best offered on the web to date. Our framework, also quality of timber, high insulation and original designs gives you the knowledge that stability is our goal.

Welcome to our Camping,
Glamping Pod section

Before you decide to enter this part of our web site and view the largest selection of pods in the world, please remember one thing, everyone who manufacturers pods has a different approach , our approach, our eye, skill, knowledge, to all timber buildings is that of a house manufacturer, and not to the UK regulations, but Norwegian Regulations, our craftsman are house builders, not shed or cabin, not forgetting the absolute awful, stealing, BS3632 caravan type regulation , we manufacture houses, so if you’re looking for something that will laugh at mother nature for many years to come, does not cost the earth and is 100% better than anything sold in the UK, plus amazing customer service, ( as long as your polite and civil), as we always try our best. So if you’re really looking for the best of the best, then look no further.

2021 Unique Log Cabin Office Range Garden Office 2021


Factory Cabins Timber Frame Garden Offices are simply the best offered on the web to date. Our framework, also quality of timber, high insulation and original designs gives you the knowledge that stability is our goal.

  Welcome to our Micro Housing section 2021

The Unique Euro Range from FC

  Residential Type Log Cabins

Residential Timber Frame Buildings


Ex works “Lithuania” is simple to understand, we manufacturer everything in our Factories here in Lithuania, and we use the most up to date CNC machinery on the face of the planet and please don’t kid yourself in thinking that log cabins or timber frame buildings come from the UK as 78% of them don’t, the UK has not any forests, sadly, and the ones we do have, sadly do not yield the timber needed to manufacturer exceptional quality garden buildings, Log Cabins, or Timber Frame fully insulated buildings.

That’s why I have been over here in Lithuania 22 years manufacturing and supplying 80% of the trade with cabins and timber frame buildings, camping pods and everything else in the middle, and these companies in turn label my buildings with their own brand.

We are extreamly proud to have brought to the Garden market most of the wonderful designs and cabins most take for granted now.

We invented the Twin Skin Interlocking  system, that was a Russian way of manufacturing insulated cabins, and we just refined it some what, a lot to be fair, but Russain origin it is.

The Toda Hut which was copied bu Ian Bone and he called it the Camping pod, well his end entrance one, was, is a cave, dark and awful, and not the Eco version we decided to bring to market, which was the site entrance Camping Pod, Glamping Pod, and now the Meg Giga Pod due to its huge 9.6 x 4.2 size.

We are always trying to do better. And thats why a Britt, (ME) came to the Baltics, and turned the garden market into what it is today.

If you want a quality cabin, mine are the best value, extreamly perfect in all ways and customer service 10/10.

Factory Cabins Personal Professional Delivery Service  Call us Today

SADLY…..Timber Prices are moving up and up monthly, so book your cabin while you can.