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KI Range

Bring Curves That Charm

Perfect for modern garden offices, the KI range of log cabins available at Factory Cabins offer curves that just about anyone can appreciate. These cabins are more than gorgeous, however, offering highly customizable design, convenient installation, and the highest standards and materials in construction you can hope to find in the log cabin market.


A unique statement for your garden

The Ki range of log cabins was designed with offering spacious, contemporary curved cabins for the modern homeowner. These are the best-made curved roof cabins on the market, and perhaps even the most aesthetically appealing cabins available on the web at under 2.5m. Designed using the latest CNC machinery, the front wall can reach as high as 2.47m, sloping down to 2.08m.

Expert built cabins designed to stand the test of time

Only the highest quality of materials are used in the construction of the KI Range built by Log Cabins LV. This includes the use of Siberian Pine and joinery timber that’s used for all the windows and doors. Each cabin comes with a hardwearing, long-lasting 28mm floor, 19mm roof boards, and the largest purlins you can hope to find in the log cabin market.  The cabin is further complemented by convenient double-glazed single or doors and easy-to-use tilt-and-turn windows, built to meet modern standards in convenience.

Customize your build

Unlike the cabins available from many other providers, the KI range, as created and designed by the innovators at Log Cabins LV, are not mass produced in a factory. They are constructed with your needs alone in mind. They can bespeak your model as much as you like, without even affecting the delivery time. If you have something in special in mind for your garden office, call Factory Cabins and we can help make it a reality. These KI range of cabins can also be made using EPDM rubber, which can drastically cut down the time it takes to install, as well.

Factory Cabins adds a lot to your cabin construction

Meeting the modern standards of customer service is just as important as standards in construction and design. Factory Cabins works with Log Cabins LV to deliver your bespoke cabin by providing complete installation, so you don’t have to build it yourself. You can set up the perfect garden office space in no time, and even customize it further with our range of different roofing options.

If you think that the KI Range of log cabins provides the perfect garden office, studio, gym, or meets any of your other needs, then get in touch with Factory Cabins. You can call us on +370 6889 3563 if you want to learn more about our entire range or to arrange an installation. You can also visit us at Tewkesbury, where we have a wide sample of products from our collection, so you can explore the quality for yourself.

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