Double Garage 6m x 5m Cody


Double Garage 6m x 5m Cody


Double Log Interlocking  Garage Size 6m x 5m

Door Size – 2x 2500mm x 1930mm
Window Size – 4x 1120mm x 560mm
Wall Height – 2.2m
Ridge Height – 2.8m

So why is Our Cody the best of all worlds when it comes to garages, OK, it is manufactured on the best CNC machine available at present, so your cuts are perfect, your garage will be absolutely perfect.
There are many companies selling cabins, however investment into New CNC machines is not something most companies are contemplating about, we are, we are actually retooling, and getting better this and better that for this year in our cabins, we have not been sitting around like most companies, and then
they bring to market the same crap. If you see any company offering to sell you windows and doors that you must build yourself, then ( cheap O) comes to mind and bye bye. How many of you really honestly can make windows and doors on your lawn at home with a hammer and some glue and screws. I know i can’t, and for the money your being asked for the rubbish from most mills the least they could do is make your windows and doors for you.

If you are looking for quality please, call us, email us, and get the best straight away from the professionals.