Factory Cabins Plymouth 4.15 m x 5.95 m – FCBR0086-2395


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Cabins 4.15m x 5.95m

Factory Cabins Plymouth – FCBR0086-2395

Factory Log Cabin – 4.15 m x 5.95 m
Factory Log Cabins – 13.61 ft x 19.52 ft

Wall height – 2200 mm
Ridge height – 2950 mm

Available in 44mm log and 70mm log thicknesses


T&G Flooring, thickness – 28 mm
T&G Roofing, thickness – 19 mm

Treated foundation timbers – 75 x 45mm
Treated floor joists – 45 x 45mm

All corner sections are interlocking – both internal and external.
Heavy duty roof purlins.
Facia and Barge boards included.

Optional Extras Include:

Build/Fitting service
Roof shingles
Base fitting service

Bespoke Log Cabin ordering information:

Choose your cabin body in either 44mm or 70mm solid log, then choose from the door options on the left hand side or windows from the right hand side. At the top of each of these ‘sliders’ is the option of either “premium Standard’ or Deluxe’.

When a window or door is selected, it will open up in a separate ‘window’ on your screen.
Here you will need to choose:
The correct ‘Wall Thickness’ for the cabin body you have ordered;
The type of finish you require – either ‘Laquered’ or ‘Untreated’;
Then select the wall and section that you would like that particular window or door to be in.

Please ensure that you keep to the same type window and door for your cabin, for example either Premium Standard or Deluxe.
Choose as many windows and doors as you wish, you will see red dotted guidelines on each of the cabin walls that show where they can be positioned, this allows us to ensure the structural integrity of the cabin by leaving enough of the wall logs in place, especially important in the corner sections and top wall plate.

A running total cost of the cabin body, windows and doors will be shown in your cart, that can be amended at any time.

Prices include delivery to most mainland UK addresses. Please see delivery info page for more information.

All the cabin ranges including our unique Bespoke range of cabins are made to order from the best quality pine or spruce.

All our timber is from Government Controlled Forestry, which all have FSC accreditation.

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Cabin Sizes

Up to 4.5m Wide