Factory Cabins Woodstock – 5m x 13m -2086



Log Cabins 5m x 13m

Factory Cabins Woodstock – FCCR3008-2086

Log Cabin Woodstock –  2086
Log Cabins – 16.4 ft x 42.65 ft

Door Size – 1x 1930mm x 1410mm
Door Size – 2x 1930mm x 830mm

Window Size – 6x 1260mm x 710mm

Eaves height 44mm and 70mm – 2125mm
Ridge height 44mm and 70mm – 2625mm

Floor Thickness – 28mm
Roof Thickness – 19mm

Quality Cabins / Log Cabins from Logcabins.lv
Most of our Log Cabins come in different thicknesses. Please ask our partners for advice.
If you are looking for a Bespoke Cabin/Log Cabin please do not hesitate to call one of our Partners nearest to you and ask them for help.
Wall Thickness Sizes Available.

Log Cabin Woodstock is available in 44mm Quality Siberian Pine
Log Cabin Woodstock is available in 70mm Quality Siberian Pine
Log Cabin Woodstock is available in 44mm + 44mm Twin Skin Quality Siberian Pine

Siberian Pine is the most amazing timber of all soft wood timbers for accepting impregnation.
Siberian Pine is nearly as good as Siberian Larch at resisting the weather and decay/rot once it is treated.
All our cabins/log cabins are double glazed from wall thickness 34mm.
Tilt and Turn are available from 44mm and upwards.
All our timber is from Government Control forestry, which all have FSC accreditation.
Please feel free to send an email to us at anytime to ask any question you may have.

Log Cabin Woodstock (5m x 13m)(16.4 ft x 42.65 ft ) is perfect for :
Snooker Room
Garden Sleep over Room
Garden Reading Room
Home Cinema
Therapy Room
Storing Motor Bikes
Pet Grooming
Garden Work Shop
Hobby Room
Guest Room
Bike Shed
Garden Storage Shed
Summer House
Play Room
Consultation Room
Garden Office
Garden Hideaway

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Cabin Sizes

Up to 5.0m Wide