FC Amazing Garden Office Car Port 6.0m x 5.5m Gitana


FC Amazing Garden Office Car Port 6.0m x 5.5m Gitana

Window Size – 3x 1520mm x 710mm
Door Size – 1x 1930mm x 830mm
Door Size – 1x 1930mm x 1410mm

Wall Height – 2.2m
Ridge Height – 2.47m


I know many of you will want a different size, lower, higher, longer, wider etc,, for us thats all in a days work, bespoke cabins, be them this garden office car port of a huge 6 birth lockable garage unit, please just ask and we are able to offer you marvellous building at great pricing, and great workmanship .
Over the years we have learnt many important things regarding manufacturing , designing and listening to our customers, you must firstly listen to what our customer needs, and then try and manufacture their needs, and this is not always possible due to  safety issues. and practicalities,
But once everything is sorted, then i am sure what is delivered to your house is far more than you thought possible, and like 99% of our customers you will get sense of pride, showing it off and using it.
If your looking for a dependable company that has been on the market designing cabins, houses, and everything in the middle since 2001, and unlike the rest we better our products each and every month trying to keep the prices honest.

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