Double Garage with Loft Knight 6m x 5m


Double Garage with Loft Knight 6m x 5m

Log Cabin Size 6m x 5m

Door Size – 1x 1930mm x 830mm
Door Size – 2x 2500mm x 1930mm
Window Size – 1x 1130mm x 1310mm

Wall Height – 2.2m
Ridge Height – 5.0m


Looking for a double garage and a loft space for sleeping, working, training, storage, then the Knight 6m x 5m is for you.
We have built this building hundreds of times and its a favourite amount most who have two cars, space and want to save a few pennies than rather buy an OAK frame building. There is not enough OAK left, so do the world a favour and rub that out from your wish list, ( please).
So why do people go for the Knight Garage 6m x 5m from us, well, its simple, we are the best, of the best, and unlike 99.9% of this industry we balance our quality with price, exceptional quality with exceptional price,, so now you can buy , the best of the best log building, with amazing windows and doors, and have it assembled, and be super happy! ( Proud).



Please note we would advice you to speak to us regarding pull down doors, ( up and over) instead of wooden ones.