Micro Housing Log Cabin Norwich 4.0m x 8.0m44


Cabin size – 4.0m x 8.0m
Cabin size internal – 3.3m x 7.3m

Mainroom size – 3.3m x 3.0m
Kitchen size – 3.3m x 1.7m
Bathroom size – 3.3m x 1.3m
Drawer size – 1.6m x 1.0m

Window Size – 4x 1130mm x 710mm
Window Size – 3x 500mm x 500mm
Windows size – 2x 880mm x 650mm (triangle)

Door Size – 2x 1930mm x 830mm
Door size – 1x 1930mm x 1410mm

Wall height – 2.5m
Ridge height – 4.0m



From front wall to apex 3.0m
From back wall to apex 3.1m