OC range Original Clock House Aurora Log Cabins 5m x 4m 7001



OC range Original Clock House Aurora Log Cabin 5m x 4m 7001

Cabin size – 5.0 m x 4.0 m
Log Cabin – 16.40 ft x 13.12 ft

Window Size – 2x 710 mm x 1520 mm
Window Size – 1x 1030 mm x 500 mm (triangle front) / 1030mm ilgis x 500mm aukstis
Window Size – 2x 1030 mm x 420 mm (triangle side) / 1030mm ilgis x 420mm aukstis

Door Size – 1x 1410 mm x 1930 mm

Wall height – 2.2 m
Ridge height – 3.4 m


Imagine for the first time in your life you can buy a log cabin directly from us the factory, no more middle men, imagine that, no more companies claiming to be the manufacturer and they are sat at a desk in their bedroom, earning 1000’s and i mean 1000’s of pounds from you just by picking up to the phone to someone like us or a few others like us and ordering your log cabin. You all walk into Tescos- Sainsburys, etc and buy your products, or a garden centre or a hardware outlet and buy various products, most, 88% come from abroad, and the companies selling to you are making huge profits, we all complain about the bankers and their large bonuses, well, the cabin sellers in the UK are not far away from earning the same amount from you in earnings, but they take your money with a smile and a small white lie. And most of the money they are charging you for a log cabin goes into their pockets ………..SO……Let’s take this cabin for an example, this is sold by other companies that copied our original design, easy to find on the web, and look at our price and their price.

Imagine you could with the savings rent out this villa for a week in crete for the whole week on the saving of your cabin.

This Villa for  to rent for you and your family for a week at certain times of the year is the saving you get from buying from us or buying from your local log cabin thief!

By the way, mith time, if someone tells you that they are selling you a 44mm laminated log cabin, thats that the walls are 44mm and made from laminated timber, then the question you ask is this, please can you assure me that the smallest length in that timber ( glulam) as they will call it, but the real name is offcuts or finger jointed and looks awful when you stain it,  stuck together, is no shorter than 1.5m, this would then be associated with laminated 44mm timber, you must get it in writing that each bit of timber is no shorter than 1.5m in any one log. they will say they cannot guarantee this, then you know your cabin is manufactured from finger jointed material , and is stuck with god knows what, toxic glue or non toxic, you take that chance, ( Engineered Glulam Timber ), which is sadly an utter lie and the scoundrel who is trying to take your hard earn money is a lair!



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Wall Thickness

44mm, 70mm, 44mm x 44mm