Garage Work Shop 5.8m x 5m UK Special


UK Special Garage 5.8m x 5m

In the old days, there were many companies selling high quality log cabins, and some of these companies are still flogging their wares and using the same old crap wording to advertise,  but sadly those days have flown away and Mr public is more advanced.
However , everyone asks what timber do we use, and this upsets me, as 99.9% of you do not understand the first thing about timber and the way it moves and moulds it’s self when its manufactured into a log to be used for and interlocking building, which is what you should ask,
not what kind of timber, Pine and Spruce have really zero difference, apart from they are both exceptionally expensive now, Pine in my mind is better, and lasts longer, remember this, the softer the timber, the better the intake of preservatives. The longer the cabin Lasts.


Garages from Factory Cabins 2021

Quality Garages  size 5.8m x 5m

Window Size – 2x 1130mm x 710mm
Window Size – 2x 1120mm x 560mm
Door Size – 2x 1930mm x 830mm
Door Size – 1x 2500mm x 1930mm

Eaves height 44mm – 2.2m
Ridge height 44mm – 3.0m