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OC Range

Comfort Whatever The Weather

Using the very best quality of windows and doors in the log cabin industry, the OC Range brings with it the climate control, insulation, and cooling that helps it stay as comfortable as possible, no matter what the weather outside might be. Explore our selection of OC Range residential cabins to create the perfect winter and summer haven in your garden.


The Difference a Window Makes

The defining feature of the OC Range of cabins, as designed and built by the experts at Log Cabins LV, is their use of double-glazed “Georgian Bar” residential windows and doors. Not only do they add plenty of curb appeal, with multiple options of various sizes to allow as much natural light to the interior as possible, they are also widely considered the finest quality of windows and doors in the log cabin industry.

Versatility To Enjoy Your Cabin How You Want

Log Cabins LV has perfected a number of designs to make sure you get exactly the comfort and layout that you want. It’s available in multiple wall thicknesses, from 44mm to 70mm and 44mm x 44mm to 70mm x 70mm for twinskin options. The design can dramatically change how you use your cabin, too, with some options offering half-cabin and half-veranda design so you have accessible, comfortable space to enjoy those blissful summer days on the exterior, too.

Perfectly Comfortable, No Matter The Weather

As well as being resilient and hard-wearing, the quality of the windows and doors on the OC Range plays a huge factor in comfort, especially when considering the elements. They offer fantastic insulation in the winter, allowing your cabin to stay cosy without exorbitant heating costs. High-quality double glazing prevents heat from entering the cabin throughout the day, too, so it can stay cool in the summer. It’s a cabin built for all seasons.

Why Buy From Factory Cabins

Factory Cabins takes the excellent design and construction as provided by Log Cabins LV but adds an extra level of customer friendliness and convenience on top of it. We make the cabin installation process much less of a fuss for customers by doing all of the hard work ourselves. Once you’ve decided on the cabin you want, we can arrange a time to arrive and work out the details of where you want it, before getting straight to building. We also offer multiple roofing options with every single cabin, making sure you have more control over the finished product.

If you want to learn more about our OC Range or to explore all your options and find the very best for you, get in touch with Factory Cabins on +370 6889 3563 or visit us at Tewkesbury, where we have several of our log cabins for sale ready-built and displayed, so you can see, feel, and explore the quality before you buy it.